September 30, 2009


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Yeah… Tori?  That pain you are feeling in your abdomen is called “hunger”.  Maybe you should do something about that?


July 26, 2009

Where words should be…

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Okay…  Umm… I have Facebook status updates, a blog, and a Twitter account… I just don’t think I’m the type of person who likes to talk about myself so much. I’m having a “talking about myself, writer’s block”.  Frankly, I just don’t think I’m really interesting enough to expect to entertain captive audiences left and right.  

Is narcissism available in a can somewhere? I need a pick-me-up.

June 13, 2009

The Media as a Vehicle for Social Change

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June 12, 2009

It should be raining.

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I’m in a funk.  I feel unappreciated and morose. There’s a cloud trapped in my chest.  I feel like I’m going through the motions, but I’m getting more and more pissed off every day. I want to scream, to yell… to call out the bullshit… but instead I’ll just keep shoveling it aside like I always do. Does that make me strong, or the most cowardly of cowards? I suspect the latter.

April 26, 2009

Learning Curve

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Folding fitted sheets usually results in me rolling the sheet up in frustration and calling it good. They taunt me with their packaged perfection- a neatness never to be replicated once undone.  I’m assuming there are others out there who share my annoyance with what seems like should be fairly easy.  There are several circumstances in my life that give me pause and force me to contemplate how I could be college educated and not understand some mundane task.  Folding fitted sheets is definitely one of them. 

I stumbled upon this video just now and, although I have not tried it yet myself, I am excited about the possibility of having solved this conundrum.  I just had to share. 

April 23, 2009

I have nothing to say. But am writing anyway.

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Today I’m thinking about working out even more than I usually (think about) do(ing) it.  Winter on the East Coast made me lethargic and introverted. I just wanted to curl up on the couch and eat.  I think Spring is called Spring because it surprises you with its arrival. Just when you become complacent in the security of your layers, you are forced upon the world in a parade of sun dresses and swim suits.  

I managed to turn the heat off for a week. But then my roommate confessed to me that his toe froze one night and turned blue and he had to use one of his pots to soak it in warm water.  That almost made me projectile vomit all over his face, so I decided that I can’t expedite Spring by cutting off Winter. 

Yesterday I went to the ear doctor. I haven’t gone since I was about 12 but I’ve had this weird ear congestion feeling for several months so thought I should get it checked out.  They used this little suction tube… Like the one used at the dentist, (Jon insists it’s called “Mr. Thirsty” but I think that is just specific to his childhood dentist’s office…), but smaller to vacuum my ear. It was soooo cathartic! Spring cleaning at its best.  Except that when he pulled out about 5lbs of wax I just had to sheepishly acknowledge it by some offhanded semi-humorous (in my opinion at least) comment.  Things like that make you feel embarrassingly dirty… even though everyone has it, and those doctors probably see that a hundred times a day. I mean, if they sold at home ear vacuums I would definitely buy one! But how else are you supposed to get it clean if you aren’t even supposed to stick a que tip in your ear? 

Anyway, my public service announcement of the day is for everyone to make an appointment to have their ears sucked out.  It is amazing! I felt like I could hear a pin drop in a concert. 

My party planning is reaching a fever pitch. I have a wedding next week… But I feel like that’s all in the bag. (We’ll see what I’m saying about this time next week though…). I’m already starting the planning process for a party we are having here in July. I have a problem. My (self) likes to party all the time, paaarty aaaall the time!

I had an amazing time in Tennessee last week.  My Irish friends came in for the wedding too and we bunked up in a cabin together in the Smokey Mountains. It was a drinking fest for sure. I’m letting my liver rest now. “I’m all aquiver, my love my liver.”

March 25, 2009

My greatest fear.

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I live under a constant cloud.  Fear grips my heart as I am held hostage by my life.  I can’t see a way out, and so I try to block it out of my consciousness until the day when I can ignore it no more.  It lives and breathes, waiting…

I’m drowning.  It’s a slow death, but one that binds our bodies and stifles our spirit.  

It’s Jon’s student loan debt.  I managed to squeak out of my undergraduate years with zero debt, thanks almost entirely to being the progeny of an economics professor who took steps to fund my education through available state programs when I was about 9.  Jon, unfortunately, was not so lucky.  Many, many years later… and having now completed both an undergraduate degree and an insanely expensive medical degree, we are faced with the very real possibility that his loans will not be paid off in our working lifetime.  They are as much as a well appointed house.  A house that we might never be able to afford because of these loans hanging over our heads.  

So, I implore you! Please go to this site and vote for this proposal for the government to include student loan debt forgiveness in their economic stimulus plan!

Here’s another interesting article on the topic.

March 10, 2009

People to Do and Things to See

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My plans for today:

Go to Home Depot to buy lumber.

Go to David’s Bridal to buy a dress.


I’m a conundrum wrapped in a pretzel with a piece of delicious bacon interwoven through the spaces. I can never remember how the real saying goes.


As you may or may not know, I plan parties on the side. On the side of nothing and I don’t get paid… yet at least.  Anyway, I am planning Jon’s sister’s reception for May and she called yesterday to ask me to be her one and only bridesmaid! Sooo…. now I have to find a “Raspberry” dress (whatever that means), that doesn’t break the bank because I’ve recently bought several amazingly cute dresses in various colors none of which are any shade of pink.  I figure David’s Bridal is my best bet for cheap(ish) dresses in an array of colors that are not as easy to find in the mortal world.  

The lumber is for the raised garden bed my roommate and I are planning to build. It’s almost plantin’ time so we need to get crackin’.  But he can’t seem to get out of bed before 12:30, even though his alarm starts going off at 10.  Building this frame will be an adventure.  It’s not looking hopeful that it will happen today. 

Five out of state weddings in 6 months. Yowsers!  Four weeks until number one…. This is like an endurance test.

March 8, 2009

Most of My Hydration Comes from Alcohol.

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I need to stop drinking.


I’ve had this thought increasingly over the past year or so…  I have such an obsessive personality that dealing with the emotional insecurities of my drunken behavior the next day is almost too much to bear. 


The problem with stopping drinking though, is that then I wouldn’t be drinking.  

Besides it’s hard to be sober when you hang out with a bunch of drunks. Really, really fun drunks.


I’m not drinking any more… At least not until next weekend.  I have no self control.

February 11, 2009

So cute I could burst…

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